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Preparing to Migrate to

As part of our migration to the new hosting control panel platform you may see some changes in your existing account.

The migration will be done on a phased basis. We’ll begin performing the initial migrations of services in late May. This will be done by customer silos.
e.g. all customers with only Domain names will go in 1 group, but will be batched. All Broadband customers with just broadband etc will be moved in batches etc.

Now, down to business. Our new Email Platform is NOT directly compatible with our legacy shared hosting email Product (known as Qmail). The list below is not 100% exhaustive, but it highlights some changes you’ll need to be aware of.

For the email migration there are some differences on what the new email platform can and can’t support. Most notably the new platform supports catch-all addresses, but doesn’t support more than 3 forwarders per mailbox, @all-domains addresses, aliases on different domains, or more than 10 aliases per mailbox (though one mailbox per domain can have more than 10 aliases as it can be replaced by a catch-all during the migration).

– All aliases on different domains, and @all-domains addresses will replaced with forwarders. We’ll do this for those customers that need to complete this task.
– You may be contacted if you have a single address forwarding to a large number of addresses, this will need to be replaced with a mailing list application or similar.
– If your login username doesn’t match your email address then you will be contacted and we will have to change it
– If you have a mailbox created on our current system, but have the email for your website pointed elsewhere (e.g. Google, Microsoft 365) then it may get removed as part of the clean up process.
– You need to change any web forms or devices that are using your Blacknight account, to use your new email provider instead. e.g. printers or scanners, contact forms that email via SMTP using authentication.


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