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This is the service and technical support  blog for Blacknight Solutions.

It is hosted outside the Blacknight network and is used primarily for service affecting notifications  and / or to keep clients informed about any ongoing issues that would affect connectivity into our main network in Dublin.

We welcome comments from clients, however please bear in mind that we will not accept bad language, trolling or other comments that we feel are unsuitable.

Comment Policy

All comments are moderated. Comments will be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Blatant self-promotion
  • Foul language, inappropriate sexual content, or hate speech
  • Not relevant to the subject of the blog post

Please bear in mind that any comments published will be indexed by search engines etc., so do not share any overly sensitive information via a comment, as it will end up in the public domain.

Feedback on the comment policy is welcome

Blacknight Internet Solutions Limited will not be held liable for any content posted on the blog, where at the time of posting, Blacknight Internet Solutions Limited had no knowledge of the content, or where any content is based on material fact at the time of posting.

Any person seeking to use this blog, warrants that they will do so in utmost good faith, and hereby indemnifies Blacknight Internet Solutions Limited from any liability in relation to misuse of same.