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SpamExperts Control Panel access is being retired from Shared Hosting

Summary: As part of our ongoing migration to a new email service – Titan, the SpamExperts spam filter is being removed. Titan has its own internal spam filters. If you are currently paying for SpamExperts then this will be cancelled from your hosting package. No spamexperts settings can be copied over to the new platform.

What do I need to do?: Nothing. No customer action is required.

How is spam blocked on Titan?: Titan has its own spamfilters that are continuously updated to combat new forms of spam. There is no way to have custom whitelists or blacklists, or to change the spamfilter settings, on the free Titan plans.

You can continue to block specific senders in your email program (if supported) or webmail interface however. See here for how to do that in Titan Webmail


May 22, 2024 @ 14:00

Notification Type:

Technical Information

Affected Services:

Shared Hosting, Qmail,