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Scheduled Linux Shared Hosting Migration works beginning the week of Monday 29th May 2017

Important notification in relation to our Legacy Shared hosting subscriptions.


At Blacknight we strive to give our customers the latest improvements in technology and to ensure the highest possible security. For this reason, we are moving our Linux shared hosting customers to our “Next Generation” platform running the CloudLinux OS. After extensive testing, we are now ready to migrate all our Linux shared hosting customers from our servers to the new platform.

How will this benefit customers?

CloudLinux offers increased flexibility, enhanced security and better performance for our Linux Shared Hosting customers.

  • Multiple versions of ‘hardened’ PHP from CloudLinux provide better security for legacy applications. (Versions 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x, 5.6.x and 7.x)
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) version 1.2.
  • Better isolation between customers. A single customer cannot impact performance for other customers using the same server.
  • SNI (Server Name Indication) means that dedicated IP addresses are not required for SSL certificate installation, which saves money for customers.
  • IPv6 support. 1 exclusive IP given to every webspace by default.
  • All websites run as their own user. No need to change file ownership to apache or have 777 permissions.
  • All new Webmail powered by Open-Xchange’s App Suite will be available to all customers post migration.

Can I opt out of migration?

It is not possible to opt out. The new platform is essential to provide a secure and efficient shared hosting environment for all our customers.

You guys have tested this, right?

For the past 2 years, all new subscriptions have used the CloudLinux platform, and we have also migrated hundreds of existing customers who have requested it. The migration procedure has been thoroughly tested and every precaution is taken to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

What exactly is being migrated?

Our Linux Shared Hosting subscriptions consist of a webspace, email and databases. The migration applies to the webspace(s) only. Email and databases are hosted on separate clustered servers and will not be moved.

What is NOT being migrated?

A small number of our customers have installed the AWStats analytics service on Linux Shared Hosting subscriptions. AWStats data will not be copied in the migration, and the service will need to be re-instated manually afterwards if required.

The parallels Linux site builder is also not migrated. Any websites built using it will function as normal however your ability to edit the website will no longer be available.

If you have any questions please contact the helpdesk at [email protected], or phone +353 (0)59 9183072.

How will the migration happen?

First we copy your website files to the new server. Then we create new Domain Name System (DNS) records, which point your site’s domain name to the IP address of the new server. The new DNS records will propagate across the Internet over a few hours, as DNS servers are refreshed.

You will see an upgrade order placed on your account to finalise the subscription migration. In some rare occasions this order might be a non zero value and we’ll be watching for these and credit / refund them where necessary.

Will there be downtime?

There should be no downtime. However in some cases we have seen sites going down for some time during the migration. During the DNS propagation, your site will exist simultaneously on both the old and new servers. Web clients which have not yet received the new DNS information will continue to receive your site from the old servers.

Note: php_admin flags are not supposed and if you know that you’re using them please update your .htaccess files to remove them.

What if something goes wrong?

In the unlikely event that a site migration should fail, our customer service team will work with you to resolve the issue.

How will Blacknight communicate with me about the migration?

  • All customers with Linux Shared Hosting will receive an email before the commencement of the migration. The email will outline the process, and include a link to this page for further details.
  • A subsequent email will notify customers up to 1 week before their migration begins. It will include details of the time schedule for migration.
  • A final confirmation email will be sent after the process is complete.

What should I do before the migration starts?

No customer action is required in advance of the migration however please check what name servers your domains are using. If you’re using our *name servers you need not worry.

If you’re not using our name servers you’ll need to login to your control panel to get the new IP address and update your website to point to the new server. Your website will continue to work for 1 week post migration on the old server.

In addition to this if you’re using any services such as Cloudflare, Sucuri etc please be aware that you may need to update the endpoint IP address post migration.

*,, and

If you have concerns, you may contact [email protected], or phone +353 (0)59 9183072.

What will happen to my custom DNS records?

Nothing. They will remain as they have always been. The migration will only conern itself with ‘system’ DNS records, not ‘manual’ DNS records. i.e. records that relate specifically to the webspace name, ftp URL and the domains names hosted on the subscription’s root and www A records.

What should I do during migration?

No customer action is required during migration. However, customers are advised to refrain from making updates or changes to their site during the migration period. Because both the old and new servers will be active during this period, there is a risk that changes to the website might be recorded on the old server only.

During the migration period, if you find that your website is down, please wait 5 minutes and try again. If it is still unavailable, you should contact the helpdesk at [email protected], or phone +353 (0)59 9183072.

What should I do after migration?

Once you have received the email confirming that migration is complete, you should verify that your website is working properly. If you have any concerns, you may contact [email protected], or phone +353 (0)59 9183072.

You may need to review your FTP settings and update the host name or IP address.


May 29, 2017

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Scheduled Maintenance

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Shared Hosting,