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Blacknight Hosting Network Status

Scheduled maintenance on our Cloud1 infrastructure due to multiple security vulnerabilities

We will be performing essential maintenance on our cloud infrastructure beginnning Thursday 29th due to the global release of information relating to multiple XEN vulnerabilites. This will require a shutdown of each VM on each hypervisor and consequently it will take some time to process all VMs

These updates are required to protect the security and safe operations of  both our infrastructure and yours . We understand that a disruption with such limited notice is inconvenient however the security advisories must be taken seriously and measures put in place to mitigate them as quickly as possible.

We will contact each customer via email as we progress throught the cycle of reboots and have rostered additional support staff  to assist with any resulting issues.

This status post will be updated with more information as soon as it becomes available


You can see what hypervisor your VM is on in under Virtual Servers > VM Name


VMs on these hypervisors have been rebooted.  Please check that all your services, sites and email etc are working ok:

HV 1
HV 2
HV 3
HV 4
HV 6
HV 7
HV 8


These hypervisors will be rebooted, starting at 8pm, in the following order:

Update: 08:30 Friday 30th: We will reschedule the below hypervisors to another maintenance window, however this has not been determined yet due to other work.

Update: 00:10 Monday 2nd of November: We contacted the affected customers directly for the below Hypervisors. All of these VMs have been restarted now. This window is now closed.

HV 22
HV 23
HV 24
HV 25
HV 26
HV 27
HV 28
HV 29
HV 30
HV 31


October 29, 2015

Notification Type:

Scheduled Maintenance

Affected Services: