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Anycast dns provider change

Summary: The AnyCast dns provider that we’ve been using for the last few years was acquired last year and the new company decided to end of life the service. With that in mind we’ve been working on replacing them for some time and we’re finally ready to make the switch.

What: We have synchronised all zones with the new provider and any new zones added will automatically be synced. Today we’ll be changing the A and AAAA records for one set of name servers. In a few days we’ll do the second set.

will be changing to:

This will happen today. We’ll also update the root HOSTS with verisign today for these.

The nameservers on our new platform will change from:


We’ll update these in the coming days and post an update here when it’s all complete.

N.B. if for any reason a customer has created custom A records to point to these anycast IPs please update them now. They will cease to operate on July 1st.



June 21, 2023

Notification Type:

Scheduled Maintenance

Affected Services: