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Blacknight Hosting Network Status

DDoS causing network congestion at LINX, FranceIX and on our Cogent transit

Summary: At 14:58 today a significant DDoS targeting one of our shared hosting servers began. Thus far it has reached 12.6Gbit/s and has saturated a couple of our links while others remain within tolerance. As a result we’re removing the /19 that holds the destination IP address from our peering at the above named locations for the time being. Traffic to this /19 will go via INEX, (2 x 10Gig connections) and our Transit (4x10Gig) until this stops.

Update: The DDoS stopped at 16:30 approx. No impact to services was recorded other than some of our links hitting capacity which we resolved quickly. At its peak it hit 16.3Gbit/s.


October 21, 2017 @ 14:58

Notification Type:

Scheduled Maintenance

Affected Services:

Network, Shared Hosting,

Affected IPs: