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Blacknight Hosting Network Status

Scheduled maintenance – pemlinng006,pemlinng007 and pemlinng008 – 10/07/2019 08:00AM

The servers, and will be taken offline for approx 30-60 minutes to perform migration to newer hardware.

We will update this post if any unexpected delays.

Update: 08:45AM ; migrations of pemlinng007 and pemlinng008 are taking longer than expected. Downtime for these servers is extended until 09:30-10:00AM. pemlinng006 is expected to be completed by approx 09:15-09:30.

Update: 10:45AM ; due to unexpected issues; the migration of pemlinng006 and pemlinng008 have been rescheduled for 10:00PM tonight. The migration of pemlinng007 is complete.

Update: 22:00 10/07/2019 ; pemlinng006 and pemlinng008 are now offline for migration. Estimated downtime under one hour.

Update: 22:40 ; The migrations of pemlinng006 and 008 have been completed.


July 10, 2019 @ 0800AM

Notification Type:

Scheduled Maintenance

Affected Services:

Shared Hosting, Linux,

Affected IPs: