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Plesk Sitebuilder end of life

Over 9 years ago we began offering Plesk Sitebuilder with some of our shared hosting plans, at the time it provided an easy to use way of creating and updating a website.

However, during those 9 years a lot has changed regarding web sites and hosting. The way in which general users access websites has dramatically changed with over 60% of users now accessing websites from mobile devices such as phone and tablets.

The old Plesk Sitebuilder is not suitable in this current climate and the vendor which provided us with the application no longer support it. This means we have to remove the application from our platform.

Any existing sites built with the Sitebuilder will continue to be live and appear exactly as they currently do.

However, the Sitebuilder application which allows you to make changes to the site will no longer be available from the 17th of October which means you will no longer be able to make changes to a site using the Sitebuilder application.

A large number of our customers are now using CMS platforms like WordPress to build and maintain their websites, partly to ensure they look well on any device that a user may use.

Developing a site in WordPress is not an easy task though if you haven’t done it before, we now provide a modern Website Builder which is being maintained and updated and provides an easy to use way to build a great looking responsive website which works well on devices including mobile phone and tablets.

You can see more details on this Website Builder at and start a free trial.



October 3, 2017

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Technical Information

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