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Blacknight Hosting Network Status

Large DDoS on going

*Ongoing Sunday 23/5/2021*


Starting around 11am this morning we started seeing a large DDoS inbound facing a specific customer. However this is affecting our international connectivity as it has filled our links with our Transit providers.

On Going Efforts:

We’re working with carriers and our network team are rejigging some routes within the network to move traffic around to alleviate the pinch points.

Update 11:40am 13/5: A second large DDOS is now on going targetting Blacknight directly. They’re targetting various IPs within our network and our automated defenses are triggering as they do.


Update 13:42 13/5: The DDOS is still on going. We’re working with our carriers and other partners to mitigate it as much as possible.


Update 14:45 13/5: The DDOS is still on going.  We expected it to drop off quite some time ago but it’s still on going.


Update 15:10 13/5: The DDOS has now ceased and all services are coming back online.


Update -Sunday 23.05.2021 13:05 – We are seeing another DDoS which is causing some latency issues on our network – Our engineers are monitoring the issues and taking measures to keep services online.

Update – Monday 24/5 04:00: The DDoS has now ceased again and services are coming back online


May 23, 2021

Notification Type:

Security Notice

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