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Global increase in spam

Over the last few months we have seen a steady increase in the amount of spam being sent to our mailservers, on multiple platforms.  In particular we have seen a large surge in the last few days.

Although the basic spam-filter service that comes free with our shared hosting plans are blocking a large chunk of spam emails, due to the large increase in volume and the fact that spammers constantly come up with ways to get around spam filters, you may notice more getting through than normal. The anti-spam servers are currently blocking approximately 5,500,000 emails per day!

Spammers are constantly changing the way they send and mask spam emails, and the latest lot are sending malicious attachments and making it look like the email came from the same domain it was sent to.  These could be attachments pretending to be faxes, voicemails, MMS messages, or similar.  We would strongly recommend you do not open these.

To help combat spam in general you can report any spam you receive through the likes of  This ensures the proper sources of the spam are notified of spam coming from their systems:

We are working with the vendors of a new anti-spam solution that we hope to roll out on our shared hosting packages in the upcoming months.  Until then I’m afraid all we can offer is our professional-level anti-spam solution at


August 8, 2014 @ 12:00

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