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Carlow Data Centre power outage

Previous information posted earlier was incorrect, please see updated information:

There was UPS maintenance on Wednesday and it developed a fault during the maintenance. This was supposed to be non-disruptive maintenance and indeed there was no issues or outages.

However this morning during further works engineers from our management company were attempting to bring the UPS back online and it dropped the load to the data centre. The status post linked was a pre-defined post, in the event of an outage and it was published in error.

A new UPS is on site and being installed today. This work should be completed by tomorrow evening at the latest. If all steps go as planned we’ll be fully back online without another power disruption.

Services affected

  • Cloud2 services
  • Dedicated and co-located servers in Carlow
  • Transit services and back-haul out of Carlow
  • Backup services
  • Phone services

Update 12:15 The majority of services are back online now, Cloud 2 VMs are still coming back online but we expect all services to be back online shortly.

Update 15:45 All services are back online. We advise customers whom have unmanaged VMs or Dedicated servers to ensure that all services are operating correctly. We have engineering resources on site to help with physical access if required.

The new UPS is installed, it’s being wired in and we expect to have it online between 17:00 and 19:00 today. We should be able to switch over to the UPS without dropping power to the data hall however please consider services at risk until we announce that this has been successful.

Update 19:30 – Works have been completed and we are back on UPS /Mains – All services are online




June 11, 2021 @ 10:10

Notification Type:

Scheduled Maintenance

Affected Services: