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Image via National Hurricane Center

Reduced Phone Support Monday 16 October due to Weather Warning

As you probably know Ireland is currently under a number of weather warnings ranging from red to yellow as a result of hurricane Ophelia.

Image via National Hurricane Center

Image via National Hurricane Center

Many of our staff commute to work normally, but due to the weather warnings we have asked a lot of them to work from home on Monday. Strong winds and rains are expected which will make many Irish country roads dangerous to drive on, so we’d prefer that our staff stayed in the safety of their homes.

As a result of this we will be offering reduced telephone support.

Email and our ticketing system should not be impacted, though this could change if there are power cuts impacting our staff.

You can follow weather updates via the MET Eireann site or their Twitter account

For Carlow area weather updates see Carlow Weather.

Thank you for your understanding.


UPDATE 17/10/2017 :  Thankfully  our staff and our premises were largely unaffected by yesterday’s storm. As expected there were a number of power outages in the Southeast and our Carlow Data Centre operated on generator power from 13:04 until 19:46 last night. We had organised additional fuel reserves because we could not estimate the duration of the power outages, and thanks  to the efforts of the ESB, power was restored well in advance of needing to access those reserves. All Data Centre services operated as expected and no customer services were affected in any of our Data Centres (Carlow /Dublin )


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