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Blacknight Hosting Network Status

Emergency Maintenance in Carlow Data centre network rack

We have scheduled an emergency maintenance for tonight at 22:00 PM , on one side of our core network infrastructure. This is a premptive action to remediate the recent power issues we have had on the A-side breaker and to ensure we have full resilience on the core network should the issue re-occur . We are undertaking this as an interim measure until we can arrange a full shutdown in order to change the breakers.

We will be moving access and core switches and firewalls to an ATS (automatic transfer switch ) which will maintain power in the event of a breaker outage on any single powered device.

This will involve a clean shutdown/ reboot of the device. Traffic will be rerouted on the B-side of the network infrastructure and there may be a minor outage (2-3 pings ) whilst traffic reconverges.


October 20, 2015 @ 22:00

Notification Type:

Scheduled Maintenance

Affected Services:


Affected IPs:

Netowrk services should be considered "at-risk " until full resilience has ben restored - this should be completed by 11:30 PM