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Scheduled maintenance on our Cloud1 storage infrastructure , and OnAPP upgrade

We are scheduling a software upgrade of our Cloud-1 storage platform to Version 9.1  , in conjunction with the vendor SolidFire which will address some mandatory bug fixes.Version 9.1 is a cumulative update that rolls in fixes from previous Element OS versions.

Works will start at Sun 12th March at 22:00 , duration 4 hours.

The maintenance is expected to be non-service impacting but services should be considered at-risk for the duration of the maintenance.


We will be scheduling an upgrade of the cloud platform itself on the following Wednesday (March 15th )  once we are satisfied there are no issues with the storage element. We will provide more detailed information on scheduling and services affected next week, however VMs will need to be rebooted on the 15th as part of the upgrade.


March 12, 2017

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Scheduled Maintenance

Affected Services: